5 essential Non-digital marketing skills you need to succeed in Digital Marketing


As I keep saying, the Digital world is dynamic.

Keeps on changing or rather evolving.

Earlier, being a Digital Marketer meant just that:

A marketer.

But now, there are other skills that is expected from you.

The market is moving towards:

 Multi-tasking and multi-skilled individuals

Below are the top 5 non-digital marketing skills that you should also be good at to stay ahead in the game.

1.Basic Automation – excel & VBA.

I have to start with this.

It’s my favourite tool.

Excel is perhaps the widest used tool globally.

I mean, how often do you ever come across an enterprise that does not use excel?

It is an amazing tool for quicker problem solving, creating reports and automating mundane repetitive tasks.

Specially repeated tasks.

In my previous company, there were three weekly processes which were manually done.

In excel.

Each one use to take about 45 minutes to complete.

I automated all the three processes.

Can you guess the amount of time I saved?

Automating them reduced the time from 45 minutes…

..to 10 seconds!

Insane right?

In about 40 seconds all three processes were completed!

That’s the power of Excel and VBA.


VBA stands for Visual Basics for Applications.

You can find it under the developer tab in Excel.

VBA icon in Excel

Click the left most icon – Visual Basic.

And the below VBA editor window will open.

VBA editor

You can now start writing procedure.

If there is a lengthy process or one that needs repeating, you should definitely check if it is possible to automate it…

…using Excel/VBA.

Excel is vast and easier than VBA.

VBA requires you to write scripts or procedures as they are called.

Want to learn both?

There are many FREE sources that provide you knowledge.

I recommend the below.



This site has a lot of blogs and pdf’s.

And is easy to learn.

I recommend you subscribe to the emails.

Which contain a new excel feature that you can learn slowly.



This also has easy-to-learn steps.

I highly recommend you subscribe to the channel.

For VBA,

You can check out this video channel from Tinyowl.

I found this to be very methodical.

These sites should be enough to get you started.

Let’s check out the second skill now.

2.Data Extraction

I’m gonna go with just one tool here.

It should be enough as majority of companys use it.

SQL – Structured Query Language

Say, you have a whole lot of data.

Which is good.

But usually the data will be raw.

Raw data is not helpful to anyone.

In order to make informed decisions, you’ll need processed data.

But the database will still be huge and you won’t need the entire data but only a part of it.

Like, how many orders did you get from a particular campaign.

So you’ll need SQL to extract the data.

SQL works on so called predefined queries which you need to master…

…in order to get any kind of data from the database.

And queries can get lengthy, complicated, entangled (called sub-queries) and so on.

Check the below for SQL learning.


Probably the most famous one for this.

This site has many other languages as well.

With examples.

You can also check out




All have different platforms to learn in a unique manner.

Coming now to the third skill.

3. Coding

Coding, if you can recall, was previously exclusive to coders.

Not anymore.

As a Digital Marketer, you’ll need to, at least, be aware of basic coding manner, the tags, syntax among others.

I am of course, referring to HTML, CSS and Javascript.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is all about tags.

Say, you want to add heading, paragraphs, links etc.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is all about styling.

This is for styling various part of the page.

You create a separate CSS file and start with the commands.

Whenever you want a specific style already used before, you call it from this sheet.

CSS can be internal or external depending on the need.

Javascript is all about functionality.

Pop ups, small window bars etc are all done using Javascripts.

Again W3schools is the best option to learn coding.

You can also try Javascript.com


Now the fourth skill.

4. Data Visualization

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

That’s an old saying.

And it applies to the Digital world as well.

How do we use data to present?

Till now it was Microsoft PPT.

Which still can be used for office presentations no doubt.

But with each day, data keeps getting bigger.

And the art of presenting it gets tougher.

It is no longer presentation anymore.

Welcome to visualization.

And the difference?

You need to experience it in order to know it ?.

The tools for this would be



The most famous visualization tool today.

There are job designations for just this.

Tableau is that HUGE!

Unfortunately, it is a paid tool.

But you can download the file from the Tableau site and use it for a  limited period.

There are videos that you can watch on Tableau tool.

Created by Tableau.

Here is a sample report.

Tableau report sample

Pretty awesome, right?

Procedure-wise, you need to export or connect external data to Tableau first.

External data can be Excel, Text, Access, JSON etc.

You can find the connectors list here


This is a FREE tool from Microsoft.


You can download it here.

The hurdle in using this tool is unlike Tableau, it is not entirely drag and drop menu.

You’ll need to be savvy of some scripts called DAX queries.

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions.

It might be tricky, so you’ll need to learn those.

You can subscribe to Curbal.

They have good videos on DAX.

Data visualization has a huge potential.

Hence, Google has also joined the bandwagon.

With Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

A FREE tool, and a relatively easy one.

I recommend you start with this.

Below are some helpful guides.



Visualization is only going to get bigger.

So, the sooner you get started, the better.

The best way to learn Data Visualization is to work on it practically in your office.

Your company will mostly have a database.

Ask for permission to work on these -without affecting the data of course.

And start creating useful reports.

Share it with your colleagues.

And manager(s).

And impress them!

Now for the fifth and final skill.

5. Programming

Did you read that correctly?

Yes, you did.

By that I mean languages like Python, Hadoop, R among others.

Python is the most preferred one globally.


And is relatively ease to learn.

What exactly is it used for?

Well, pretty much anything.

You can automate all the tasks, connect files, run processes and do much more.

Python is an open source tool.

You can download the software and learn.

Python can be viewed on different tools.

But the preferred one is Anaconda.

(I know it is an online reptilian world out there) ?.

There is a Jupyter notebook that can be used to run Python on your home desktop or laptop.

This is how the Notebook looks like.

Jupyter Notebook

It is pretty easy to download, run and learn Python at home.

Many sites provide Python tutorials.

DataCamp (for R as well)


You can also check for videos.

So, to summarize briefly,

Apart from Digital Marketing, it is now imperative that you familiarise with the below also.

1. Basic Automation

2. Data Extraction

3. Coding

4. Data Visualization

5. Programming

Understand the working of all the above.

And learn one or two areas in depth.

Of your choice.

Whichever one you are interested in ?.

Will be very helpful in the long run.

And now, couple of  Bonus tips.

Check out the below for more learnings in general

Tutorial point

They have a LOT of vidoes and reading content.

Website learners

This is a Youtube channel for learning how-to stuff for a website; very useful.


Apologies, if I overwhelmed you with so many new learnings.

But the fact is  – that is reality.

And you know it – don’t need me to inform you.

Technical skills are very much expected from every candidate today.

I’m sure you would have observed this in any job openings.

There would be a separate listing or a part listing out part of the above skills.

And all the skills listed above are currently in high demand.

I have not recommended any books here because I feel that reading online, watching videos, downloading and working on it yourself and taking up a course would be ideal to learn these.

You don’t need to learn all of them is one day.


Take your time,


And work on it ?.

But do not digress or procrastinate.

Best of luck!

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