Hey there! ?

I’m Ganesh residing in Bangalore (hometown Mangalore).

Thanks for checking my “About” page.

And for visiting my blog.

Hope you are enjoying the articles.


I’m a Digital Marketer with many hobbies and interests.

Number one on that list is reading.

I’m a voracious reader – read over 2000 books so far.

Mostly fiction (thriller mysteries), followed by books on war, business, management and then some.

I’ll always be reading a book ?.

Other hobbies include movies, music, walking, swimming, playing guitar, playing table tennis (told you the list is long).

Here s the best part about me:

I am six feet four inches tall.

That’s right.

I am probably in the extreme top 1% population of this country where the average male is apparently five feet inches.

Why blog?

As you know, the Digital world is very dynamic and one needs to keep up with the trends.

Digidomain aims to satisfy just that.

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My goal is to educate and make people aware of the wide aspects, concepts, and trends that are happening in the Digital realm.

I personally have a quench for knowledge. Learning or reading something new has always excited me.

I sincerely urge you to  do the same.

We all need to spend a part of our day in learning something.

I think it is the best way to progress.


I am available for guest blogging and part-time training.

If you want me to also blog about a topic…

Please let me know.

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Happy learning!