Facebook group badges: Earning your engagement status

Facebook groups are one of the top features of the social media giant.

I’m part of one.

And most probably you are too.

There can be a variety of groups on Facebook.

Technical, learning-based, sharing-based, etc.

There could be more new types of groups in the future.

As and when Facebook tries to expand its business domains.

Like entering the cryptocurrency world with Libra.

Creating, building and retaining groups is a daunting task.

As the participants need to be controlled.

When a group of people comes together, there will be clashes.

On opinions, thoughts, views, and actions.

Which needs to be moderated or checked upon.

In this post, I’ll explain all the Facebook badges in a group along with updates.

When a group member or a participant receives a badge, it will appear right next to their profile names.

The available group badges are:

The first five:

facebook badges first five

1. Admin and Moderator

These are the group creator(s).

There can be one or many (shared admin).

These badges will help you identify the group leaders.

To join a group, these people need to approve your request.

They have the right to delete stuff and moderate the page to keep within community guidelines.


A New Suggested Moderator Feature

You will now be able to spot a list of group members who could potentially be good moderators in that group.

facebook suggested moderators

(Source: Facebook)

As you’ve seen, the moderator of a group has quite a few responsibilities.

Facebook has now made it possible to identify individuals who have shown the inclination to become group admins.

As in, they frequently keep engaging.

They post relevant stuff.

They participate.

This is a list of recommendations that will suggest a list of members from your group.

Who could potentially be a good fit for your moderator team.

How to find this recommendation list?

1. Click on your Admin Tools section in your group.

2. In the section – “Insights from the last 28 days” swipe left.

3. Keep swiping until you can see the list like the one shown above.

4. Click on it.

5. You will now see a list of specific members of the group.

That Facebook recommends would be a good fit as moderators.

You can invite these people to be the group moderators or be a part of group moderators.

Of course, they’ll have to accept it else they will not become moderators.

This feature is on Android and iOS.

2. New member

Whoever joins the group will be, obviously, the new member.

And they will remain so for the next two weeks.

Welcoming new members in a group is an important step.

I’ve been in both kinds of groups.

One where they’ve welcomed me and one where they did not.

I liked the former ?.

A “welcome” always helps.

3. Group Anniversary

As the name suggests, this badge will appear only on the occasion of the anniversary.

Of the day a member joined the group.

This could be a reminder to the person as a warm gesture.

As an act of good memories.

Admins can reach out to the respective people and thank them for their engagement.

They can create a new form of celebration.

Especially, for those who reach certain milestones.

4. Conversation starter

I am a conversation starter in my most favorite Facebook group.

These are known to create meaningful discussions.

On various topics.

They also participate in the conversation started by others.

You have to earn this badge.

This badge will appear for members whose posts receive the most likes and comments in the past month.

5. Founding member

Available only in newly created groups.

And hence is quite limited.

Those first crucial 3 days of setting up a Facebook group?

This badge goes to those people that were there from the start.

The last five badges:

facebook badges last five

6. Conversation booster

This is similar to the Conversation Starter.

Except the frequency of engagement is higher.

And it involves providing valuable comments.

To also inspire other group members.

7. Visual storyteller

Another version of Conversion starter.

But this focusses on engagement through pictures, images, and videos.

Sharing a video that is closely relevant to the topic in hand will greatly enhance user experience.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


If you frequently start greeting or welcome newly joined members, you will be a Greeter.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s always nice to show some love to new group members.

Especially, if you are a veteran member of that group.

New members can also reach out to you for any doubts or concerns.

9. Link Curator

The third type of Conversation Starter is here.

Link Curators recognize members who help bring topic-relevant news to the group.

This badge will appear to members who share quality, external content.

 Ones that receive many reactions and comments.

10. Rising Star

This is more about recognition.

Identifying people that contribute to the group.

This badge will appear for new members.

Who display good values to the group objective.

Badges are currently available to groups with over 50 members.

Outside-the-group people will not be able to see your badge.

Below are a few of the badges with their respective logos.

icons with logos


Group badges aren’t new to Facebook.

But they have gained acceptance and liking across the globe.

It’s up to you to contribute with engaging comments or posts.

If you are keen to start receiving those badges.

Facebook is about connecting people.

And these badges are a great tool to reward group members for their active and energetic online communication.

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