11 Google Ads reports to check your Ad performance

You are already are running Google Ads.

And now you want to check the performance.

And performance usually can be assessed better with visuals.

In this post I’ll cover

a. 11 Google Ads reports you can create for analysis

b. Types of helpful visual charts

When you open your Google Ads, the default overview page itself will provide a brief set of Google Ads reports.

google ads overview device report
google ads overview search report

You can also add filters here.

google ads overview filters

But if you want to deep-dive and find out the full performance of your ads, then check the below list.

Here are,

a. 11 Google Ads reports that you can create in Google Ads.

To cover the entire performance of your Google Ads.

Once you are in your Google Ad account,

Click “Reports” at the top.

google ads report tab

You get the below options.

google ads report options

Hover on ”Pre-defined reports”.

You get the below list.

google ads predefined reports

Hover on the “Basic” option.

You get another list.

google ads basic reports

Here is where you can choose to get all the data for your Google ads reports.

1. Campaign report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Basic – Campaign

Click on the first “Campaign” option.

You will get the default table report.

google ads basic table report

You will get the Campaign, type, status, clicks, impressions etc.

You can edit the report name at the top left corner.

report rename option

If you click the icon you get the edit window.

google ads rename report

Among the top right corner options, you can,

google ads report features

-change the dates

-create segments

-apply filter

-edit columns

Click on columns.

You get the below.

google ads column option

Here is where you can add or remove columns.

2. Ad report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Basic – Ad

As the name implies, this report is on an Ad level.

google ads ad rerport

You will also see the Campaign, Ad group, type, subtype and URL columns.

3. Search Keyword report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Basic – Search Keyword

google ads keyword report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Basic – Search keyword

If you want to analyze how each of your keywords performed, then this is the report.

You can find out exactly which keywords are profitable.

And drop the keywords that are not.

Below are a few keywords I used which got a decent CTR.

google ads keywords ctr

4. Audience report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Basic – Audience

google ads audience report

The performance of the targeted audience that you created is in this Google ad report.

You can also compare the performances across the audience.

5. Landing page report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Basic – Landing page

google ads landing page report

Which landing page converted better or the best?

Here is where you find it.

It will also provide you the mobile-friendly click rate for each page.

Since mobile is dominant today, you can make changes to the pages that have a low mobile affinity.

6. Expanded landing page report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Basic – Expanded Landing Page

google ads landing page report

What is the difference between landing page URL and expanded landing page URL?

Landing page URL is the final URL of the Ad that you show.

Expanded landing page URL includes the addition of conceptual keywords and parameters that you will add.

I have not created any expanded landing page URL.

Hence the landing page report is populating here.

7. Time report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Time – Day of Week

google ads time week report

Obviously not all ads will have an optimum performance throughout the week or day.

If you see a pattern about ad performances based on time, then you can modify your bids accordingly.

In the above image, you can see that my ads perform best on Tuesdays followed by Fridays.

Going a step further,

8. Hour report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Time – Hour Of Day

google ads hour report

Here you will know at what time your audience is most active.

For me, the highest CTR is in the late evenings and at night.

Since Digidomain is a blog, this tells me that people do read and are interested in post-work time.

9. Conversion report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Conversions

google ads conversion report

Well, we cannot forget about this right?

This is the primary reason we run ads.

All your conversion related data can be seen in this Google ad report.

Data like conversion





10. Location report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Locations – Geography

google ads location report

You should always know where your customers are located right?

And this Google ad report will provide you that information.

If you know this then you can get keywords that are more related to that area.

11. Extension report

Navigation: Predefined reports – Extensions

google ads extension list

Ad extensions provide extra information about your product or service.

They make the ad complete.

google ads sitelink report

They are also important for the Ad Quality Score and hence, the Ad rank.

If a certain ad extension performs better than the others, you can create more of the same.

12. Bonus: Google Hotel Ad report

Click Report tab at the top.

google ads report tab

Click Reports option.

You get the below.

google ads reports page

Click View All.

The Basic Google ads reports will expand.

Scroll down.

Among the options, you will see “Hotel”. Click it.

You get the below Google ad report.

google ads hotel report

So what are Google Hotel ads?

As the name suggests, these are ads on Google for Hotels.

What is special about Google Hotel Ads?

Hotel ads will be placed from the Hotel Management/Marketing group right?

These will be targeted towards tourists and/or other travelers.         

Think about when you plan to travel.

Won’t you search online for hotels and other places?

google hotel ads on search

Google does get a huge chunk of traffic-related to travel.

Hence the relevance of these ads.

The information for these ads will be extracted from Google My Business (GMB) account.

Hence you need to optimize that.

Provide accurate details and pricing.

A combination of both GMB and Ads will increase the Quality Score.

Hotel Center Account

Just like the Merchant Center, there is a Google Hotel Center.

You need to mainly do two things.

1. Open your Google Hotel Center account

2. Link it to Google Ads.

How to link Google Ads to Google Hotel Center?

In Google Ads, click “Tools & Settings”.

In the drop-down menu, under “SetUp”, click “Linked Accounts”.

google ads tool dropdown

In the following landing page, you can see your accounts on

-Google Analytics

-Google Firebase etc.

Scroll down.

You will find Google Hotel Center.

Google hotel center linking

Click “Details”.

You get the below window. Click “link”.

google hotel center link

Fill in your Hotel Center ID that you get when you create your Hotel Center account.

google hotel center id

Click “Send”.

Once these are connected, data will flow seamlessly.

How does the bidding for Google Hotel ads word?

Similar to AdWords, Google uses an auction model here as well.

-When a hotel property is selected, prices and bids for that property are selected as provided as the partners

-From this list, partners who can serve best (like policies, language etc) are retained.

-In this list, partners with similar prices are grouped into buckets and are ranked in ascending order based on price

-Inside these buckets, the partners are then ranked based on bid value.

Any bid lower than the reserve bid will not be shown, regardless of its price.

b. Types of helpful visual charts

Now that you’ve seen types of Google ads reports, you can customize on its visuals as well.

Say, in the Campaign report, click on the top left “Table” option.

The options you get are:

google ads charts

I’ll select the Pie chart.

You get the below window.

google ads pie chart options

I’ll select Campaign and clicks.


google ads pie chart

A visually appealing graph on campaigns and respective clicks!

Which you can replicate.


Running ads blindly without the underlying data will be nothing but a waste of resource.

Checking all these Google ads reports will give you both, a holistic and specific insight on your ad performance.

So make sure you analyze all your ads ?.

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