The new Google Analytics “App + Web” property

Till now, In Google Analytics:

You could track website and app analytics separately (with various reports).

And now:

You can track both together.

Google has recently released a new property in Google Analytics

Called “App and Web”.

Not only that, it has introduced new reports and features.

Even if you do not have an app, these reports can be quite powerful for desktop.

How to create this new property:

Login to your Google Analytics.

Google analytics login

Click “Admin” at the bottom.


You get the below page. Click “Create Property”.

create property

You get the below page.

property page

Scroll down.

And now you can see the new option (still in beta).

new apps and web option

Select that. Click “Continue”.

You get the below.

property setup

Fill the property name, Industry category, time zone, and currency.

property setup filled

Click “Create”.

You get the below data stream page.

data stream

Select your preferred stream.

I’ll go with Web.

Click and you get the below.

web stream

Add your site and site name with the proper HTTP.

Now, on this page, you can see below the new and enhanced reports that this property will provide.




Outbound clicks

Content views

If you click on the “Settings” button at the right side, you can see the entire list.

You can select and deselect any reports you want and save it.

enhanced measurement

Then “Create stream”.

You get the below.

data stream

Click on “Web”,

You will get the site ID that you can use to install analytic code through Google Tag Manager (This is a dummy one).

all data streams web

Scroll down, you will get a new Gtag ID to add to your site.

new gtag site

Now, if you already have an existing tag, click the next option called

“Use existing on-page tag”.

new existing on-page tag

Here you will see the steps you need to take in order to connect the new ID to the existing one.

Without changing the code on your site.

You can also use the other Google Tag Manager option.


Let us look at some of the new reports here.

There is a new section called “Explore”.


In the “Analysis hub”, among other things, you can

analysis hub

-visualize your data

-create funnels and

-explore customer journeys

“Exploration” option provides the below features


As you can see, this is an advanced level of a data insight report.

You can do the same for Path Analysis, Funnels, Segments among others.

This new property feature is still in Beta.

But is expected to be a permanent feature soon.

If you already have Analytics code, not to worry.

You can still add this new property.


Many more features and reports are expected to be added to Google Analytics.

Keep following Digidomain and you shall get to know all of it ?.

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