Instagram SEO: 15 useful ways to increase your engagement


It all started with a click.

Taking pictures has been a thing for many decades now.

It has meant many things.

A hobby, a profession, fun activity to name a few.

And then came Instagram.

instagram logo

Among other “booms” in the current digital world like Facebook, Twitter etc.

I don’t think anyone has paid so much attention to images in the pre-Instagram era.

Never has the world seen such a rage of excitement concerning pictures.

Instagram has indeed changed the world from that perspective.

In this post, I will be covering 15 main actions related to Instagram SEO, that you can work on.

What will you gain by doing these activities?

Let me be upfront on one BIG factor.

You cannot have links on Instagram.

That will lead back to your site.

Like Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

So, again what is the point of all these activities?

When it comes to Instagram, you need to focus on



role of branding

You need to make people visit your site the hard way.

By that I mean,

See your image/ad on Instagram.

Then visit your site through Google or direct visit.

That’s how it is here.

I know what you’re thinking now.

Does that work?

It does yes.

Search for say “Kylie Jenner”.

The first result (after the rich snippets) is that of Instagram.

kylie j

Search for say, “Adobe”.

On the right side, you will find the company details.

Then there is the profile section.

Here you will find the top social media sites that the company is present in.

Adobe profiles

You see how crucial Instagram has become?

Commencing Instagram SEO now.

I’ll start with

1. Your username

digidomain username

In the above, “domainbydigital” is the username.

When you create your Instagram account you will get many text options.

One of those is your username.

Make sure you choose the right username.


Cause that will appear when people search for that keyword on Instagram.

Check if you can add more relevant keywords to your username.

Like your specialty, niche, location etc.

See if adding these will increase your presence.

Especially in search.

If you cannot do so for some reason, that is still ok ?.

You can go ahead with the rest.

2. Your Instagram name

digidomain username

In the above, “DigiDomain” is the Instagram name.

Now how is this different from the Username?

Well, you use your username, not your name to log in to Instagram.

But the main thing is, if someone searches for either of the two, you will show up.

So, yes, just like your username, you should select the right name also.

Do not use the same keyword for both.

Take Digidomain.

The username here is Domainbydigital.

The name is DigiDomain.

If you search for either, it will show up.

3. Images

Ah, yes! The bread-and-butter.

The core of Instagram.

Which is why,

You need to use high-quality images.

You simply cannot ignore quality on Instagram.

Look at any professional post.

See how good the images are?

Just like Google has its search algorithm, Instagram also has its own.

Instagram’s algorithm is called Image Recognition.

By the name itself, you can guess how important images are, here.

So the next question is,

What type of images to use?

That’s not a big secret, but I’ll tell you.

Lifestyle images.

That’s right.

It has been found that lifestyle images are much more engaging than other types.

If you have a product, use it in a lifestyle image.


Add to a related background.

Instead of just a single product image.

Lifestyle images can also include faces.

Since you cannot link your posts back to your site,

You need to make your text exciting.

So that people will visit your site to check it out.

Say you have an offer.

You highlight it on your Instagram post.

Do not add all the posts – there’s limited space here.

Add only the important ones.

This is what I did for the ebooks that I have on DigiDomain.

I got a few downloads because of this ad.

Not only that, I also got a few leads as well.

You see, the main objective of Instagram is to drive traffic.

To your website.

Once someone lands on your page, it can be assumed that customers will do a little bit of scanning.

I mean scan your site.

To check what it is.

And if they like it, they will subscribe ?.

4. Hashtags


Similar to Linkedin, Instagram also has its prized hashtags.

That you can use in your posts.

But first, you need to research your hashtags.

List all your main keywords for that post.

Search it on Instagram.

Say your keyword is DigitalMarketing.

Search for #digitalmarketing.

hashtag digital

You will find the hashtag with the total posts it contains.

This will give you a volume idea.

Once you get the hashtag, check if that is relevant to your business/post.

Add it only if it is relevant to both or either.

You can add up to 30 hashtags per post.

But I suggest to not add over five.

Just to keep it clean.

You can also add hashtags once your post is live.

5. Post texts

When you post your images, you have to add the relevant text.

Add 2 to 5 lines here, not more with the relevant SEO words.

Along with the text on images, this is the only other text people will see.

post text

Make it count.

Make it exciting enough for people to visit your site.

6. Alt text

Well, in the digital medium, you cannot have images without the Alt text.

On the mobile, if you click the top right ellipsis option on your post, you will find the “Edit” option.

Instagram edit

Click that, you will find the “Alt text” option as below on the right side.

Instagram alt text

Again, choose the right keywords here.

7. Connect your accounts

This is not just for Instagram but for all your social accounts.

Wherever possible, you should connect them.

This will tell people the plethora of platforms you are present in.

This will tell Google the same.

It will sense your vast presence.

Instagram gives you the following options to connect.

instagram account link

I’m sure you will have a Facebook account, I also suggest you check for Tumblr.

It is free, and the least it will do is increase your online presence.

8. Follow

Although this is not directly related to SEO, ” following ” can help garner presence.

Which in-turn helps SEO – to some extent.

So whom to follow?

When you come across various profiles, you should

1. Check who the entity is?

2. What kind of posts is being shared?

3. How is the engagement levels on those posts?


Based on this, you can arrive at the conclusion to follow or not.

Quick help:

Use #followtofollow on your posts.

This will help in getting followers.

Also, do not start following all at once in like a bulk action.

Spread it out.

Follow a constant number of people on a daily basis.

9. Add Instagram feed to your site

A simple way to increase your presence, followers, and engagement.

This is how DigiDomain has added Instagram feed:

digidomain instagram feed

You will see it here.

Every time you add a post on Instagram, it will reflect on your site as well.

This will tell your customers how big a presence you have on Instagram.

If you are using WordPress, then you can use the below plugin for creating and connecting the feed.

instagram plugin

Else, you can check with your developer to add it to your site.

10. Add Instagram tab to your Facebook page

I know I’ve already told to link your accounts.

But I thought I ‘ll explain this one.

As it is easy. Will take about 2 to 4 minutes to complete.

Ok, login to your Facebook account.

Search for “Instatab app”.

You will get the results. Among them click the below one.

instatab search

Click the title.

You will arrive on the below page.

instatab search

Click “Use app”.

On the next page, select your page.

instatab select

Click the “Add page tab”.

Your Instagram tab is now created on Facebook.

You need to do one more thing.

In the “Application Settings”, replace the existing name with your Instagram Username.

Click “Save settings” at the bottom.

Your feed will now be live as below.

instagram feed live

11. Schema mark-up

You know about Schema right?

These are the snippets that you add on to your site as extra information.

That will be displayed on the search results like below.

You can use your Instagram account as a Schema.

Go through the Google Guidelines for this with the help of your coder.

12. Seasonal interests

You can use Instagram to cater to your needs during a seasonal event.

Check on Google Trends on the upcoming events.

Like Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, etc.

These are events that will drive engagements through visuals.

And since these are on mobile, people will always login to their accounts during the events.

Instead of creating Google Ads unnecessarily and expecting people to search.

13. Promote your posts

promote posts

I know this is again not strictly an SEO activity, but it still helps.

Using the duo combo of Facebook and Instagram can bring you fascinating levels of engagements and revenue.

Instagram promotions can be good drivers of growth when executed at the right time gaps.

14. Run contests

instagram contest

Instagram is a very apt platform to run specific types of promotions.

How exactly do you run a contest here?

Well, as you know, you can’t link any of these to your site.

What you can do is create giveaways accompanied by a coupon code.

Encourage people to share this.

They will receive the code once they share.

They can use the code on your site for purchase.

So, as mentioned before, make them visit your site the hard way.

15. Buy an Instagram account with already established followers

I kept this for last as it is the riskiest approach.

You can buy accounts that already have a lot of followers.

But you need to be careful.

You need to check for all sorts of profiles.

How many of these are active?

How many are fake?

How many are relevant?

What is the potential of these people following you?

If done right, this could work.

Follow Instagram guidelines.

Needless to say, you should follow the guidelines set by Instagram.

Else you will be blocked or removed from the platform.

Do not post controversial or contentious posts.

Every time you post, you need to be aware of this.


Instagram is not a direct driver of sales or traffic to your website.

It is a platform to create and grow engagement.

Brand yourself.

So that people will remember you.

To visit your site for the value you shared on Instagram.

Start Clicking today ?.

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