What is Moment Marketing? 5 reasons why you should use it.

Imagine you are watching TV at home.

Watching your favourite show.

Say, you like cooking.

And you are watching a cooking show.

You have your mobile with you.

And during the show, you get a promotional message.

On your mobile.

watching tv

About offers on food.

How about that? ?

How did that happen?

How did you get a food offer exactly at the same time you are watching a cooking show?


Heck, no.

In simple terms, that is Moment Marketing.

What is Moment Marketing?

It is a marketing technique where you promote your product or services at the right time to the right customers.

As the name suggests, you market your product or service at that “moment”.

In real-time.

mobile in hand

One of the latest trends, Moment Marketing relies on the emotion of “being there” when you need it.

It being the product or service.

Let’s take a longer look on this.

You have actually seen or have experienced Moment Marketing before.

But not to its true sense.

Like, merchandise that gets promoted because of something else.

Say, movies.

Nokia released a limited Batman Begins cell phone.

Way back in 2005.

nokia batman phone

If a movie is based on a book, there will be a movie-tie-in book edition.

Like Twilight, The DaVinci Code, The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey and so on.

twilight movie tie-in book

In the kid’s world, you will find a lot of toys and apparel that are connected to animated movie releases or other events.

Like McDonalds will provide a Kung Fu Panda toy meal during the movie release.

The difference here is the “moment” lasts for weeks or months sometimes.

But its effectiveness is not as much.

Just to be clear, Moment Marketing does not involve evergreen merchandises.

Like a Mickey Mouse costume.

It has to be in a “moment”.

I know, I keep talking about these “moments”.

What are they?

A “moment” is nothing but an opportunity for marketers to leverage upon.

An opportunity where they will find the right customers at the right time.

Moment Marketing involves

1. Cross-channel promotion

2. Cross-device promotion

3. Special product proposition

In today’s world, these so-called “moments”

– Occur in various forms

– Occur at multiple times

– Are short-lived than earlier

So companies that are keen to promote their products or services using Moment Marketing need to be proactive.

In this post, I’m going to focus on using TV as a Moment Marketing channel.

Now in the above scenarios of movies, cell phones, etc, the “moment” usually lasts in days or weeks.

In certain cases, in months, depending on the location and promotion.

Even though that falls under Moment Marketing, the actual form of Moment Marketing does indeed happen in a moment.

Like the food offer, you got on your mobile.

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) challenges companies face is marketing their product to the right people.

To be honest, that is only half the challenge.

The other half of the challenge is to promote them to the right people at the right time.

the right time for marketing

This was not possible earlier.

I mean, how would you know where your target audience would be and what would be the right time to promote your ads to them?

But with today’s new-age technologies, it is possible to extract this information.

That’s how you got that food offer on your mobile ?.

The company or the marketers knew that you are a foodie.

And that you watch that show.

Daily or weekly.

At the same time.

And they also knew you would have your mobile on you.

(Although that is not that big of a deal. Think about it – in a whole day, when do you NOT have your cell phone on you?)

And they created a Moment Marketing promotion.

How do the companies get all this information?

Again, not a shocker.

I’ve mentioned this before, all online activities can be tracked.

Irrespective of the place, device or transaction.

As per the Telegraph,

people spend a days time online in a week.

Meaning in a week, people will spend 24 hours online.

spend time on mobile

That’s huge.

And I’m sure you know, we check our phones from time to time.

We have our phones on us all the time.

Sometimes even when we are asleep.

We get bored, we browse.

On our mobile devices.

We play, chat, talk, shop and pay through our cell phones.

So much so that there is actually a syndrome (Phantom Vibration) and a phobia (nomophobia) termed for this.

So you get the picture.

Anyway, Britannia used Moment Marketing during the Asian cup 2018.

Using a cross-device targeting strategy, they created real-time campaigns.

Any time there was match event like a boundary, six, wickets, etc,

Relevant ads were shown to the target audience on their mobile devices.

They achieved over 10 million impressions in less than a weeks time (Source: Business Standard).

What is it exactly that they did?

Cricket, being one of the most popular sports worldwide, is also an important event in India.

It is often referred to as an Indian “religion”.

Hence the viewership for these matches will be huge.

Above 70 million in this case.

The challenge was to target the people who had the sports channel turned on AND were active on their mobile.

At the same time.

Customized banner ads were created and promoted during this “moment” ?.

The campaign got engagement from over 2 million target audience with a CTR of over 1.3%.

What did they achieve?

A lasting impact.

Retention in the customers minds.

I don’t have to tell you how important that factor is, to marketers.

Britannia, the FMCG giant, worked with Zapr Media Labs for this amazing activity.


Zapr is a tech startup that connects the offline and online worlds by creating multiple screen engagement (TV-to-(mobile/laptop/tablet)).

They have also worked with big brands like Dell, Sony, Godrej, etc.

Not just sports, even TV shows today command a huge audience viewership.

Sony, in collaboration with Zapr was able to engage only with people who watched the TV show (a show called Super Dancer – one of the top rated Indian shows) thorough their Facebook pages on mobile.

The target audience responded with views, likes, comments, and shares.

This, in-turn increased social media excitement and thereby increased the viewership of the show.

Even the iconic brand Dell, used this method to promote their laptops.

dell laptop

Two mid-range and one premium.

For the former, they targeted youth that likes and views music channels (MTV), sports channels.

Dell provided special pricing for their laptops for this target.

For the latter, they targeted people with high-end mobile devices who watch Travel and Lifestyle shows – basically content that talks about a higher standard of life.

Mobile ads were created for both during the respective events.

The mid-range laptop campaign reached over 700k people with over 2.7% CTR.

The premium one had over 500K with over 3.5% CTR.

Now that you have an idea about it, why would you go for Moment Marketing?

For one, it combines, offline and online.

As I mentioned before, the online world is huge.

But so is the offline one.

Moment Marketing is a viable way of creating engagement, awareness and brand retention.

During a TV moment, a potential right customer with his or her mobile device is more likely to engage than at other times.


If you promote when customers are traveling, the engagement would not be as high.

If you promote during any other non-sleep time, it would not be as high.

Think about yourself.

If you are a working professional, you will spend most of your day-time during a week traveling and working.

You will have not have time to engage in other activities.

But once you are at home, you might have your favorite TV show.

It could be a regular TV show or a smart TV where you watch on Netflix.

It is this time where you will be totally engrossed in it.

engrossed in tv

And marketers potentially can get your attention.

Especially if the promotion and the TV show match.

It is like a double whammy.

As a result of this kind of marketing, even in-store visits potentially can improve.

So why do you need Moment Marketing?

1. Your engagement metrics spike up

As you have seen earlier, whenever there is an event on your TV, Moment marketing has nothing but increased audience engagement for the Brand.

2. Increases Brand awareness and  retention

There are people who have visited the brand website or the store itself due to the ads.


Because they remembered the ad.

Remembered the interaction and experience.

And hence, the transaction.

3. Gives you an edge over your competitors

This technique, if implemented properly will surely help you in not only engaging with your potential customers but also poach some from your competitors as well.

4. Probably the best use of Omnichannel Marketing

Never have the two marketing verticals been so close to each other in the customer’s journey.

We have used Omnichannel before to get results.

But a simultaneous use of both?

It is nothing but evolutionary.

5. Lower cost

Your promotional cost would be lower in this case.

If you find out your audience is going to watch a particular show, instead of promoting on TV, you promote on a selected media platform on your customer’s mobile.


Moment Marketing is not for all.

It is also not the only big thing for marketers.

If you see that you have a sizeable opportunity to work on this method, only then opt for it.

There are many campaigns that have failed with Moment Marketing.

Due to various reasons like lack of research, incorrect targeting, etc.

But if done right, the relevant campaigns will bring about a considerable increase in engagement and conversion.

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