Mobile App Marketing: 9 APPetizing ways to promote your app


Over 55 billion app downloads in 2019 – till date (source: Statista)

Mobile app download numbers

That sounds huge, but it includes all the downloads and not the retention period.

But you get the idea of how huge the Mobile App market is.

An App is currently the smallest “business shop” someone can have.

(Imagine what the future holds ?).

It is said that pretty soon there will be an app for everything.

I’m pretty curious to know what that future looks like.

But yes, if you have a business, you SHOULD have a mobile app.

To put it plainly,

Your app should be





Humour aside,

How do you promote a mobile app?

Here are 9 awesome ways to do so:

1. SWOT analysis before the pre-launch promotion

Before all, check thyself.

Do a thorough assessment of your mobile app.

This will help in removing the inherent issues and roadblocks that exist.

It will most likely be painful yes (hey who likes to find out issues about themselves right?).

But it will be rewarding.

So find your Mobile App SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats).

Usually, you will find more insightful and revealing data that will surprise you ?.



1. What is so unique about your mobile app?

2. What is your USP (unique selling point)?

3. Is your mobile app better at anything than that of your competitors?


1. What improvements can you implement?

2. Which feature can adversely affect your revenue?


1. How quickly can you incorporate a current or an upcoming trend?

2. Can you identify your competitors’ weaknesses and turn them into your strengths?


1. Is your mobile app technology itself a threat?

2. Do you foresee a funding issue?

You get the picture right?

Mobile apps normally come under the below three types.

Native apps: created for one specific platform or device.

Hybrid apps: For multiple operating systems.

Progressive Web Apps: these have the functionality of push notifications, offline working, etc.

You can decide on what type of app you want to develop.

2. Start your promotion before the launch

mobile app pre-launch promo

As I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of millions of apps out there.

Without doing a pre-launch campaign, there is no way you can have a successful app.

So start with your research – users, and competitors.

Do it early.

Steps to do it:

Create a user persona or profile.

This will contain

Age, gender, location, nationality, religion, occupation, interest, hobbies, lifestyle.

The more data you have, the merrier.

For competitors:

Scan their app – as much as possible.

See what they offer.

How have they designed the app?

What content have they created for it?

Focus on why they are famous – this might take time, but eventually, you will get the reason.

You need to dig in and find out why/what.

If you have existing customers, reach out to them.

Inform them about your upcoming app.

And stress on the conveniences that they can use through the app.

Build up the anticipation.

And keep them informed.

Even if you don’t have customers, you need to start your “coming soon” promotions.

Promote it on your website.

Create a dedicated landing page for it.

mobile app landing page

The page should be informative.

With pictures, demo videos, launch date, etc.

3. App Store Optimization

App Store optimization

This is very important.

You NEED to optimize your App store page – continuously.

What does it mean exactly?

It means customers should EASILY find your app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Among the millions of other apps present there.

And how do you do that?

Keep doing keyword research.

Use the proper words in the below sections:

Title, keyword list, and description.


Include the app purpose in the title.

Like below:

truecaller mobile app
moneycontrol mobiel app

Work on Play store autocomplete feature for a while with various keyword combinations.

Start collecting keywords.

Now you will find keywords that are popular and those that are not.

Chances are, the popular keywords are already in use by your competitors.

Using them would usually not bring you customers or downloads.

So how do you get the RIGHT keywords then?

Apart from the app store, check for other sources.

Wikipedia, Reddit, Medium, etc are few of the top sites with a lot of potential keywords.

Google Keyword Planner is another trusted tool.

google keyword planner

That will give you untapped keywords.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Understand how he or she would search.

Get your friends and colleagues to participate.

Extract everything from them – you can sift later.

Ask your existing customers on how they would go about doing an app search.

You will most likely find new keywords, specific keywords, slangs which you can use.

App Annie

This is one of the best tools there is.

You can view all your competitor apps and keywords.

There is a free and paid account.

Once you create your account, you’ll get the below page.

app annie

In the search bar, type your competitors app

You get the below

app annie search store

You can see the Store Notes, screenshots and other features.

Scroll down.

There is a User Aquisition section at the bottom.

Click “Keywords”.

app annie user aquisition

You get the below page with top keywords and rank.

app annie keywords

You won’t have the full details in the free account, but you’ll have a decent amount of data.

4. Blogging


Now, this could be both your personal/business blog or guest blog.

Do both.

Do keyword research – again.

Get relevant-rich keywords.

Use Google autocomplete with different keywords to know what people are searching for.

Create great content. 

That will contain

– Unique features of the app.

– App demo

– Screenshots

Post it. Share it.

Across various platforms.

Top blogs include:


App Samurai

App promo

5. Create viral video

video marketing

Video marketing is gaining popularity like never before.

I’m sure you have noticed many enterprises creating videos.

Videos create more excitement.

They are easier to connect with your audience.

For this, again you will need the right keywords to communicate.

And the right platform.

You can create Youtube ads/videos, Snapchat videos, etc.

And again market it to the TARGETED audience.

6. Use Influencers

Usually, in every field, there will be “influencers”.

People follow celebrities, yes, but they are more “influenced” by Influencers.

Take me for example.

I follow both celebrities and influencers.

Like Neil Patel – one of my favorites.

I have implemented various plugins, tested out website features and tools JUST because he said so.

And why?

Because in the Digital Marketing world, he holds a well-respected position.

His blog and videos are useful for Marketers.

He talks about new helpful topics.

You see?

You need to find the right influencer in your business field.

An Influencer can be

Macro Influencer: with over 100,000 to a million followers.

Micro influencers: 1,000 to a hundred thousand followers.

Nano influencers: smaller than Mico influencers but generally with the best engagement.

You can use an influencer marketing platform to do the same.

An Influencer Marketing Platform is a platform that connects brands with influencers.

You can use it-

-To create genuine content

-Drive engagement

-Track results

-Measure ROI

Influencer marketing trend has steadily increased worldwide.

google trend influencer marketing

Influencers will create new content in collaboration with the brand.

Thereby resulting in the brand getting new fresh targeted content.

Some of the top platforms include:





7. Gather reviews


Or rather collect positive app reviews.

Word-of-mouth is crucial for any business.

Your app is no exclusion.

Take every opportunity you can, to get reviews of your mobile app.

From every kind of customer.

And use it.

Post it on the store, your site, emails, and social media.

Why are reviews important?

If you get bad reviews, you’ll know the gap in execution.

You can bridge it and be seamless.

And if you get good reviews, what better factor to share with other potential customers?

Positive reviews can be used during lead generation.

Take a simple example of e-commerce.

Almost all the products have reviews on Amazon, isn’t it?

Don’t you see it before purchase?

Especially for costlier items like a cell phone and electronics?

That being said,

How to collect these reviews?

Gone are the days where you ask the customers to go to the app store and add a review.

You can use several plugins to request a review on the app itself.

At first, ask only a star rating.

Once the customer has given it, add an optional detailed-text review.

Reviews are directly connected to your services.

A customer who has had an exceptional service will surely take some time to rate your app.

But timing here is crucial.

It is better to wait until the customer has completed a task or a goal.

And then ask for reviews.

You can also have a relatively small budget for reviews.

In exchange for reviews, you can give away gift cards or vouchers.

Or any other value proposition.

That the customers can use.

But hey, it is up to you on this one ?.

8. Offline promotions

print ad

That’s right.

Old school techniques do still work.

Have TV ads stopped?

What about Billboards or print ads?

They still work right?

In fact, TV spends go over the roof during global events.

Like the World cup (Cricket or Football).

I would say this is the easiest way to promote your app.


If you already have an offline presence (business),

You will most likely have a large pool of potential customers.

Right under your nose.

The online market is huge, but so is offline.

You may need to spend some marketing budget here.

But if you do it right, it is worth it.

Here are some ways of achieving it.


Ask your existing customers to provide feedback about the app.

This itself is a great catalyst.


Yup, they still work.

You create them and distribute them to all your customers and local businesses.

Vehicular banners

I’m sure you’ve seen posters on public vehicles (like buses).

You can do the same on your company vehicles.

Transform your car into a moving billboard ?.

Introduction in Community circles

Promoting apps on local communities like sports or fashion is a good means of app exposure.

Offer a grand prize involving app download – but keep it simple.

The oldest of them all – press release

This is always been an awesome way to promote – anything ?.

I’ve seen full-page Amazon newspaper ads.

Why stop there?

Use magazines – local, regional or national – to add to the app promotions.

Throw a party

That’s right.

People throw parties for the most insane reasons.

So, an app-party should not be so bad.

No need for a lavish one.

Just a simple gathering with an agenda should do the trick.

APParel promotion ? – sorry I could not resist.

Create a custom shirt with the app design.

Distribute it.

People like to wear different kinds of shirts once in a while.

Fiverr can give you the contact for the desired designer.


Create stickers with app messaging/promotion.

You can use it on your product packaging or that of a third party one.

Use it on your business cards as well.

Ad spot

These can be expensive.


May it be TV, radio or print, there are cases where a few slots go empty.

Watch out for these.

Negotiate a lesser price and promote!

You’ve also heard about omnichannel – which many claims to be the future.


Use offline to promote online.

9. Use Social Media

social media

Well, you knew this was coming.

No matter where on earth you are.

You cannot escape or ignore social media today.

This is where you can increase your app downloads.

Create a Facebook account and run a campaign.

Facebook is very good for awareness.

You can work on branding, lead generation and conversion.

There is Linkedin.

This would a more serious and focussed platform.

You can create similar ads here as well.

Here’s the thing:

Social Media is huge and will work in your favor.

But you need to focus more on the platform where your audience is.

Just because a platform is huge does not mean that you should keep investing in it.

Especially if you don’t get any value.

I promoted Digidomain on both Linkedin and Facebook.

Here are the stats:

Linkedin was costlier but I got 3.3% CTR.

That is an awesome number.

How did I achieve that?

I gave a FREE ebook on SEO.

You need to give something of value in return for something of value ?.

Facebook is cheaper. I got over 100 “likes” for the ad but conversion and CTR both were quite low.

You see, I got more exposure on one platform but better conversion in another.

So you decide how you need to work with your app.

Depending on its performance on various platforms.

There are other high-traffic platforms that you can promote your mobile app.

Like Medium.

You can start posting regularly here.

Like Slideshare.

This is a free platform from Linkedin.

You need to prepare a presentation, add keywords, description, tags and publish it.

Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest are also a huge pool of potential customers.


Here’s the thing:

An App is like a gateway to a whole new world.

Where the current generation hangs out.

Where the future generation is expected to be present.

Having a successful app will drive your traffic, increase exposure and help generate revenue.

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