How to ace an online interview (checklist)

Unfortunately, for the next few weeks (or months), you will still be at home.    

But that does not mean you will stop looking.

 For job opportunities.

And since the entire nation is in lockdown, face-to-face interviews are currently not possible.

And it may take time until this happens.

However, there are companies that are going ahead with the on-boarding process.

And how are they doing that?

Through online interviews.

Yes, that’s right.

You will face an online interview, online tests and so on.

Once you are selected, you will join the company.

All this – from your home.

That begs the question  – and what I will discuss here –

“How to ace an online interview?”

An online interview will and should not affect your regular preparation.

Like for personal-directed questions, Careertrotter has some good tips on how to answer them.

The difference lies in the below points.

1. Choose the best device

different devices

You may have one or multiple devices personally.

Desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.

So first of all, choose the right one.

By that, I mean the device which you are most comfortable with.

When it comes to handling it.

People have different preferences, obviously.

So pick yours.

The reason for this is – you should not fumble with technicalities.

During the interview.

Like re-connecting, adjusting sound, display, screen sharing, etc.

2. Test run your device

test device

Once you select your device, test it for the relevant tools.

Usually, interviews will be held through a call or through Skype.

If it is Skype, then test it.

Take help from your family member or a friend.

Have a call.

Check for sound and visual clarity.

Find out if there are any issues.

If so, rectify them or use another device.

3. Learn how to use the software


Now, this is one of the forgotten steps.

It is always better to learn about the tool/software that you will use.

Especially for interviews.

Cause you don’t to waste their time on this.

If you know that the interview will be on Skype, then check out its tutorial.

Find out what features of the tool you can use in the interview.

To make it smoother.

4. Pick the right spot

Right interview spot

Let’s face it.

An online interview can never be as good as a physical one.

But you have to make the most of it.

So, pick the right spot.

So that you will appear as clear (and photogenic) as possible.

Somewhere near a  window or a decent light source.

Remove any non-professional wall posters.

Like that of models, cars, bikes, music bands, etc.

Keep your background wall plain.

I know you are at home, but this is now your office also.

Hence you need to present professionalism.

5. Eliminate distractions

No distractions

Make sure external noise (like from the TV or kitchen)  is minimum or none.

This is strictly a home-based online interview.

Inform your family members of the same.

Tell them to distance themselves with no noise during the interview.

Make sure kids or pets are also away from the interview spot.

6. Suit up!

Suit up

Professionally speaking, the above phrase from “How I Met Your Mother” TV series will always be cogent.

Just like a face-to-face interview, you should present yourself at your best.

Wear proper attire for the same.

Ideally, I suggest, select a color that goes well with the background wall color.

Tie – it is up to you.

Wear your attire a day ahead of the scheduled call.

Sit on the planned interview spot.

Take a picture.

Check for color contrasts.

And make your decision.

7. Keep a pad

Writing pad

There could be instances where you may be asked to note something down.

Like the next step or a panel name or solving a puzzle.

A writing pad would be very helpful in an online interview.

With a pen of course (make sure it writes!).

8. Sit in the right posture

sitting posture

You won’t be entirely visible on a device.

And you will be in a seated position.

So sit properly.

Take a pic and see for yourself.

Shoulders should be upright, not slumped.

9. Be punctual

be punctual

Usually, you reach the interview venue sometime before the scheduled process, right?

Just like that, be ready for your online interview as well.

About 15 minutes before the call.

Keep everything ready.

If you are having an online interview for a Digital Marketing role, check out my ebooks on the same – for a quick study referral.

I’m sure you will find them helpful.

10. Display placid behavior


You will not have any technical communication issues in a physical interview.

If you do, that can be clarified right there.

Online interviews would face some kind of limit.

Therefore, be calm.

Do not rush into things.

Whatever they are saying – listen.


And answer. Slowly.

It will be ok.


You would have attended many interviews before.

An online interview will conceptually be exactly like the rest.

Only that the medium is different.

It is virtual – not actual.

But don’t let that affect your preparation and confidence.

I hope you get your coveted job.

All the best!

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