SEO for single-page websites (with pros & cons)

Across the globe, we have our regular websites with many pages in them.

Then there are websites with only one page.

As the title suggests, these are single-page websites.

They have all the features, functions and content on a single page.

Is this good for you as a business?

What about Google?

Will Google defer from indexing or ranking your site?

In this post, I’ll cover that along with the following

-Advantages of single-page sites

-Disadvantages of single-page sites

-SEO for single-page sites

Let us begin!

When should you go for a single-page website?

Before you opt for one, do your research.

If you

-find that your business is of a niche segment

-find that your audiences are ok with a single page site

-find that the core of the actual business does not require the site

Then you can go for a single-page website.

Notice that I said “go” and not “should”.


Because it is widely perceived that multi-page regular sites are better than single-page sites.

So now,

Does Google care if your site has only one page?

Short answer: No

Matt Cutts, former head of the webspam team at Google states:

“It’s going to depend on what your particular area is, what the topic is, and what kind of layout you come out with. But if it works for you and for users to have that all on one page, for the most part, it should work for Google as well.”

So you see, as long as you qualify for your content, you don’t need to worry about indexing from Google.

When determining whether your site should be single or multi-page,

You have to check the goals for your business and what you’re trying to accomplish with your website.

From an SEO perspective, let us look at

Advantages of Single-page websites

single page website advantages

1. Cost-effective

cost effective

Since there is only one page, the cost of site maintenance would also be less.

As such, you will spend less.

On all aspects.

Like marketing, developers, content writers etc.

2. Complete uninterrupted story

Uninterrupted story

Since there is only one page, all your focus will be here.

Same for your customers.

You can have the entire customer journey on a single page.

Without any breaks.

3. Better conversions

better conversion

As with the above point, since the entire journey is on one page,

The conversions would also be higher.

As the chances of converting a lead would be better.

4. Easier to implement changes

easy to change

A single-page site will have comparatively less number of changes.

And those changes would also be easier to work on.

5. Ideal for mobiles