7 FREE SEO tools for a complete website optimization


I’m going to cover different aspects with the following SEO marketing tools.

These are easy to manage.

And simple to use.

It will help you save time.

You can have all your SEO marketing activities in specific places.

These are must-use tools along with the must-have digital marketing skills that I posted earlier.

With these SEO tools, you can

– find & fix website issues

– create optimized content

– perform site audit

– check for backlinks

…and find duplicate content….among other things.

Each tool is designed for specific set of activities.

It goes without saying that I’ve used all these.

Shall we begin?

SEO is a wide subject with a lot of checklists.

And you will need effective tools to manage all these.

1. Answer The Public

What is the purpose of this tool?

To generate content ideas.

This tool will give you queries that customers have.

For the keyword you search in.

Don’t be surprised when you see the below image when you open the link.


That’s just the homepage.

We ll go for  a search now.

So what are people searching for?

Say, you search for “digital marketing”.

Click “Get Questions”

Scroll down

You will find the circle-of-questions result.

Answer the public - Circle of questions results

You ll have a lot of ideas here related to Why/How/What etc.

Scroll down

You will now get the circle-of-prepositions result.

Answer the Public - Circle of Prepositions results

Scroll down.

For the alphabetical results.

Answer the Public - Alphabetical results

Results from A to Z.

Final scroll down.

To get related-results.

Answer the Public - Related results

You see the number of options or ideas that you can get?

As I mentioned before, this is a clever insights tool that combines Google and Bing results and visualizes it.

This is called a search cloud.

2. Ubersuggest

What is the purpose of this tool?

Free backlink analysis, keyword ideas and a quick site audit.

Ubersuggest - keyword ideas

Created by the great Neil Patel, this tool is ideal to get the search traffic.

You can search by keyword or domain.

It provides you with the below highly useful metrics.


You can do a site audit post which you can get a health check report.


With site issues.


This tool uses Google Autocomplete to provide suggestions for you.

There is also a chrome extension for this.

You can add it to chrome to get instant insights on desired pages.

3. Screaming Frog

The tech tool is here.

What is the purpose of this tool?

A complete site-wide technical audit.

This crawls your website, links, images, CSS, scripts, apps…

..basically everything.

You need to download the file from the site.

When opened, it will look like this.


Type in the website name and click start.

Once done the report will look like this.

screaming frog report

You will find all the details in this tool.

Response codes, H1, H2, meta description, text length and many more.

Each with the exact status of the page.

This tool is free for up to 500 links.

Post that, it is a paid one.

4. GT Metrix

What is the purpose of this tool?

To analyze page speed performance.

As you know, Google gives high importance to sites that load quickly.

This tool will give you speed reports and the possible rectification that will help speed up the load time.

GT Metrix report

This uses the Google page speed tool to check if your website’s front-end is following best practices.

5. LSIKeywords

What is the purpose of this tool?

To find the conceptually related words of the main keywords.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) – are words that are found together with the specific topic.

Say, your main keyword is “sports shoes”.

LSI keywords

LSI keywords here could be “games”, “basketball”,”sports shoes +{brand}” etc.

LSI is a technique that search engine uses to compare relationships between terms and concepts.

These words are used to create a strong targeted content and increase traffic.

The best way to write a post is a combination of the main keywords and LSI words.

6. Google Search Console

This goes without saying.

Well, you are trying to rank in Google, so Google tools cannot be ignored.

Google search console

Search Console (previously webmaster) is the tool to submit your website, sitemaps, robots.txt file among others.

You can get traffic data, keywords info, page errors and how to fix them on this tool.

With many other features.

You need to verify your website first.

There are many ways to do that.

Usually done through Google Analytics.

If so, you’ll need to create GA account first.

Search Console sample error report as below.

Google search console error report

Sitemap report as below

Google search console sitemap report

You should browse through and get to know the relevant reports from this tool.

As this is closely related to your site.

7. Google Mobile friendly test tool

Again, this goes without saying, your site should be mobile-friendly.

Google has already announced that it is  giving preference to Mobile-first indexing.

So, your site should be responsive.

On this tool, add your site URL

Run it.

Once done, it will display message whether your site is mobile friendly or not.

Google mobile friendly test tool

If it is, then congratulations!

If not, then it will provide you the detailed errors and how to fix them.

Usually the errors will be imaged related and minifying your CSS/Javascript codes.

Use this tool for all your pages.

Use it repeatedly for your top pages.

Maintain a mobile-friendly page – always.

8.Bonus toolGrammarly

I know this is not strictly a SEO tool.

But I’ve been using this (there is a free version) and it has helped me lot.

There are typos and other errors that you would make while creating content.

Download the Grammarly Chrome extension for auto checks.

Use the Free Writing Assistant to check for errors.

Grammarly free writing assistant


Are these all the tools there are?

Of course not.

You will find a lot more tools on the net.

But the above tools are used most of the time.

As most of the sites fit under these.

You can always find the tool that fits your needs.

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