12 skills you can (re)learn at home

Well, it’s home time now.

Till when?

Straight answer: Not sure.

So Stay Safe.

Although you may work from home, this is a good opportunity for you.

To learn.

And re-learn.

Visit the basics.

And make them stronger.

Skills you can learn and re-learn

1. Google Search Ads Certification

Search ad example

You are familiar with it.

You know the process.

But it never hurts to re-visit.

Even though you may have the certification, you can still go through the study materials.

Google Search has evolved quite extensively over the years.

Chances are, it may actually be helpful if you take the certification again.

2. Google Display Ads Certification

display ad example

Again, the same rules apply to this as well.

Display marketing has come a long way with a lot of changes.

The bidding process and options have changed.

A few options have been discontinued.

So, it would be refreshing to retake the certification.

3. Google Mobile Ads Certification

This one is a given.

No matter what the scenario is.

I would say, give a special focus to this.

Mobile marketing is one of the most dynamic fields.

And updating your skills on this is always a good bet.

4. SEO

SEO logo

Well, as marketers we cannot forget about our fountainhead, can we?

Probably, the most volatile, active, energetic and lively topic in Digital Marketing.

Do you agree? 

Below are the sites I recommend.

Backlinko SEO Hub


5. Social Media

social media logo

Practical learning here is required- is what I believe.

Theoretically, there is not much to learn here.

You need to get your hands dirty.

So go to Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin.

Or any other tool you want.

And create an Ad.

You have a lot of options to create one.

Market yourself.

If you have a website/blog, promote that.

On all platforms.

You will receive a lot of working knowledge.

6. Email Marketing

email marketing

Probably the oldest from the “Digital” Marketing.

This is still an important channel to bring in traffic and revenue.

Hubspot has one of the best certifications in this.

This will teach you the basics.

About your target customers, nurturing, conversions and more.

7. Excel

microsoft excel logo

Ok, now coming to the technical aspects.

Excel is easy.

Excel is vast.

Excel is helpful.

From my experience, this is still an under-used tool.

You cannot learn it in one day, obviously.

But if you dedicate a small part of your day to it, then you can excel!

Below are the courses you can start with


This has very helpful videos and tips on the vast feature of Excel.


Also a good alternative to the first one.

Cool tips on the tricks, functions, and formulas in Excel.

It also covers VBA.

You can download my excel ebook for a good list of shortcuts and formulas.

8. SQL (Structured Query Language)

SQL database

Without the right tool for data extraction, all your data will be just that – data.

It will never be information.

And SQL is one of the easiest tools for that.

Widely used by numerous companies globally, SQL is often used as a benchmark for people working with data.

Needless to say, W3Schools would be the ideal place to start learning this skill.

Others include




9. Microsoft PPT

A picture is worth a thousand words.

True that.

PPT has been existing for a while now.

I’m sure you have used it for a plethora of activities.


-a small office presentation

-sales numbers

-copying symbols

But like Excel, PPT is much more than it appears.

I would suggest you take a practical look yourself.

There are a number of channels on Youtube for this.

You can start with the one you like.

10. Python

python logo

This is not for everyone, yes.

But it still is very useful.

You can do so much with this tool.

You can automate redundant activities.

Python also paves the way for Machine Learning.

I would suggest the below to get started.

Learn with Mosh.

Now, this is over 6 hours long.

So it is better if you split it and go along.

It is very helpful and will provide you a practical view of its applications.

You can also learn with Datacamp.

11. Analytics

analytics generic

This is analytics in general.

You can re-visit the tool that you are using.

I’ll take the example of Google Analytics as it is quite prevalent.

One of the most important skills to possess today: Analytics.


Because every day, the world is accumulating data.

Huge, vast data.

And that data needs to be analyzed.

In order to make informed decisions.

Google itself provides study material and the certification for this.

12. Tableau

tableau logo

This would be one step ahead of PPT.

One gigantic step.

You can do wonders with Tableau.

Take a look at the example below:

Tableau dashboard example

Check out the level of detailing you can get.

And this is dynamic too.

A great visualization and interpretation skill to learn.

Tableau itself has a host of videos to learn from.

If you do want to learn, you can take up a course on Udemy.

Bonus skill to re-learn

Read more.


Yes, it is the starting point of knowledge.

Now that you have some spare time, you can cover more topics.

Check out my guide on the top 33 Digital Marketing Blogs you should follow.

Also, download awesome ebooks that I’ve created – on

SEO checklists

 Digital Marketing Acronyms

SEO Dictionary


You can learn anything you want, of course.

I wanted to cover as much ground as possible.

Choose the one you like.

It is a good opportunity to restart where you left off.

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