Sonic Branding: The audible way to successful brand recall

Some time back I had blogged on the concept of

The Significance of Colors in Digital Marketing.

This post is about another type of Marketing method,

That has picked up recently.


 Sonic Branding.

What is Sonic Branding?

Simply put, it is the Sound of your Brand.

Sonic, as you know, refers to sound.

And sound (hearing) is one of our senses.

And hence it makes a “sound” case to use it for branding.

brand marketing

Why brand through sonic?

Sonic branding is to ensure that your brand or organization is not just seen, but also heard.

The idea is to create a sound that resonates or is in sync with your brand values.

A sound that will help consumers recognize the brand.

Through Skeuomorphism.

This is the concept of making sounds resemble its real-world representation.


So how to create Sonic Branding/Marketing?

You start with:

Your brand.

You know your brand.

Its look and touch.

How would your brand SOUND like?

brand sound

What do I mean by that?

The above sound should be aligned with your business goals.

Just like other metaphors, your aim should be.

“You think of ————, you think of your brand”.

The blank is the representation of your business.

You use sound to positively differentiate your product.

There are different types of sound.

Musical, pleasant, harsh, loud, smooth, irritating (any of that), etc.

sound pattern

Which sound would suit your brand?

How would you recognize your brand if the visuals were missing?

You create a sound logo (just like a brand logo) for this.

Which is a distinct sound targeted at your potential or/and existing customers.

This sound will lead to a checklist on the consumer’s perception of your product.

It could be a jingle, brand music or theme.

But it would work better if it is short and distinct.

Today, time is of the essence.

People/customers are busy.

You cannot just message them.

You need to insert a message which should divert their attention to it.

You need to find out what sound your brand represents.

Like, a melody for instance.

A melody would be the most memorable sequence of sound logically.

But, of course, that does not mean you should opt for it.

Being unique means aligning with the brand objective.

Zomato’s mogo


Zomato is a food order-and-delivery business.

Running mainly on app.

Recently they have used Sonic Branding for mobile notifications.

They have created a sonic brand identity.

Also called a Mogo – Musical Logo.

Let’s face it: You get a lot of notifications in a day.

But a notification with a unique sound relating to food/order/delivery will surely stand out.

You don’t need to check what the notification is about.

The moment you hear it, you will know it is from Zomato.

It a sound that “sounds” like a rocket zooming by.

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now- if you have the app.

The best part?

During regular food time, say lunch or dinner, a sonic notification will remind you of food.


I know because it has worked on me ?.

They have come up with a unique sound that is



-evoking emotions (hunger)

Zomato will soon feature a longer musical logo with its other communications.


Visa also had worked on this.

Their branding debuted in Visa’s global advertising campaign just before the Olympic Winter Games in 2018.

The goal was to appeal to the emotions and the senses.

visa approved

So that customers could ‘see, hear and feel’ the Visa brand.

As and when they made payments across platforms and touch-points, particularly on mobile.

Let us check out some of the sounds/themes that are quite familiar.


This video has the collation of all types Intel sounds over the years.

Likewise for Airtel:

In the Digital Marketing scope, check out some of the brands/Youtube channels with Sonic Branding.

The theme appears with the brand logo after a quick intro.


Loves Data


Sonic branding is even more important for brands that you cannot feel (online).

Suitable for digital brands that tend to be ‘everywhere’ online.

But have no physical product, shape or appearance except the logo.

Advantages of Sonic Branding

1. Brand familiarity

2. A new way to connect with customers

3. Another way to create emotions

4. Stand out from competitors

5. A new revenue-generation stream

6. Create new short brand moments

7. A way for you to be creative

Are there any disadvantages?

1. Make sure you arrive at the perfect sound

2. You have to deduce the right time to promote

3. Make sure the quality of the sound is device-proof


The rise of sonic branding is not something that has suddenly come up.

Its popularity has been existing for some time now.

But it has gained momentum due to one major factor:

Mobiles & smart speakers

You can now intimate your customers anywhere anytime through mobiles.

And customer interaction has reached a new level with smart speakers like Google Home.

What about the below brands?

Can you recall their music just by reading the name?








So, is Sonic Branding effective?


As the few examples I’ve given above, Sonic branding can be a long-lasting technique for brand retention.

You can use it to rebrand an established foundation.

This is Sonic Branding in action.

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